Established in 2010, YCW Suspension, in partnership with Swift Springs, is the accumulation of over 15 years experience in the performance suspension industry, with our roots stemming back to the mid 1990’s and the then adolescent import market. Recognising the growth potential of what is now a multi-million dollar industry, and the lack of grassroots friendly manufacturers, our aim and reason for being is to offer a cost-efficient and new-age customer-orientated alternative to the more traditional performance suspension specialists.

What was once in the realm of high-profile racing teams and car manufacturers; and only a dream for the grassroots, is now available to the everyday consumer thanks to our Full-Service capabilities and Multi-National facilities in the United Kingdom (Head Office & European Market), Australia and Hong Kong (Asia-Pacific Market). Our UK Head of Operations and Lead Engineer, Stephen Brindle, has extensive chassis dynamics experience gained while working with M-Sport and several other WRC Rally Teams.

In only a few short years, YCW Suspension has positioned itself as one of the leading global manufacturers and distributors of 100% Bespoke suspension solutions, with Swift Springs quickly establishing itself as the leader in performance coil springs. From initial contact, through to the final product, we have the knowledge and expertise to fulfill all of our clienteles requirements. What’s more, unlike with our more traditional competitors, our clientele will not experience the drawbacks of communication and servicing commonly associated with third-party distributors; all of our first-line point of contacts, from sales to technical, are Western-Educated with fully fluent linguistical capabilities in English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. In short, YCW Suspension can offer you unparalleled expertise in Bespoke Chassis Development

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