Established in 2010, YCW Suspension, in partnership with Swift Springs, is the accumulation of over 15 years experience in the performance suspension industry, with our roots stemming back to the mid 1990’s and the then adolescent import market. Recognising the growth potential of what is now a multi-million dollar industry, and the lack of grassroots friendly manufacturers, our aim and reason for being is to offer a cost-efficient and new-age customer-orientated alternative to the more traditional performance suspension specialists.

What was once in the realm of high-profile racing teams and car manufacturers; and only a dream for the grassroots, is now available to the everyday consumer thanks to our Full-Service capabilities and Multi-National facilities in the United Kingdom (Head Office & European Market), Australia and Hong Kong (Asia-Pacific Market). Our UK Head of Operations and Lead Engineer, Stephen Brindle, has extensive chassis dynamics experience gained while working with M-Sport and several other WRC Rally Teams.

In only a few short years, YCW Suspension has positioned itself as one of the leading global manufacturers and distributors of 100% Bespoke suspension solutions, with Swift Springs quickly establishing itself as the leader in performance coil springs. From initial contact, through to the final product, we have the knowledge and expertise to fulfill all of our clienteles requirements. What’s more, unlike with our more traditional competitors, our clientele will not experience the drawbacks of communication and servicing commonly associated with third-party distributors; all of our first-line point of contacts, from sales to technical, are Western-Educated with fully fluent linguistical capabilities in English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. In short, YCW Suspension can offer you unparalleled expertise in Bespoke Chassis Development

Of course, we fully understand that the majority of customers are budget constrained, and those who are not generally prioritise brand over value. It is because of this, we at YCW Suspension decided to design and manufacture a quality mid-range solution from scratch that meets our #1 priority; Value for Money. Whilst there is a large demand for premium setups designed for the high-end race car, our aim is to bring some of the more advanced real-world features from the premium setups, incorporate them into a package suitable for the everyday street car, and offer a 100% Bespoke solution at an affordable price point without sacrificing on technical support and servicing. And so, YCW Suspension was born:

  • Designed and Engineered in the United Kingdom by British Engineers
  • Offer a 100% Bespoke solution, at an affordable price point
  • Offer premium features and technology that is applicable to real-world applications (and not just dedicated race vehicles)
  • Utilise premium quality service components (i.e Valving, Oil Seals, Damper Fluid, Bushings and Springs)
  • Offer local (European, Australian and Asian) facilities for rebuild and servicing

Please do not compare our premium products to the multitude of budget products currently available as that is not our intended market segment, and our higher pricing reflects this. However, at only marginally more cost than a typical European/Japanese budget setup, you get a higher quality, better performing, British-Engineered, 100% Bespoke suspension solution, unparalleled after-sales technical support and multi-national product servicing. Due to the nature of a customised product, we currently have a 1-2 week assembly lead time. None of the racing dampers we supply are off-the-shelf.

Unlike the majority of our competition, we at YCW Suspension like to keep things transparent and go against the grain when it comes to telling the truth about our manufacturing processes

United Kingdom

  • All of our prototype mounts are, in collaboration with our partner facility in Preston, designed and machined in the UK by British engineers
  • All of our prototype components are designed in-house using Solidworks 3D CAD software by British engineers
  • All of our racing dampers exclusively use Silkolene RSF 2.5w damper oil. We do not use the cheap “Italian/Spanish Racing Damper Oil” that all the budget suspension setups use. An oil comparison sheet can be provided upon request


  • All of the coil springs we use are supplied by Tokyo Hatsujyo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd (Swift Springs). We do not use the vastly inferior Yang Min Enterprise/Triple S springs that the majority of the non-European suspension manufacturers use
  • All of our self-lubricating teflon-lined spherical bearings are supplied by NSK
  • Our optional premium mounts use genuine NMB Spherical Bearings. The cost of these alone are more than what some full coilover kits sourced from Taiwan cost


  • All of our aluminium-based development mounts and components are machined in-house at our Taichung facility
  • All of our steel-based development mounts are manufactured for us by our partner facility in Taichung
  • All of our SS304 stainless steel shims are manufactured for us by our partner facility in Taichung
  • All of our damper bodies and piston rods are machined in-house at our Taichung facility, then shipped to Australia for proprietary ceramic lapping/finishing


  • All of our Polyurethane, Rubber and Teflon/PTFE components are manufactured in-house at our Shenzhen facility


  • We use genuine Viton Seals (Dupont) imported from the USA
  • We use genuine Swedish Sandvik 20C carbon steel to machine our valving shims

Unlike the majority of our competition, we at YCW Suspension like to keep things transparent and go against the grain when it comes to telling the truth about our assembly processes. All of our suspension tuning and assembly methodology is freely shared on our website as we actively encourage our customers to learn and apply the techniques themselves


  • All of our valving is calculated from a DOF (Degrees of Freedom) model that the customer chooses and their desired natural ride frequencies. Unlike our competition, we do not use generic valving profiles
  • Each and every individual damper is pressure-tuned using our MTS Roehrig 3VS Shock Dyno to ensure the absolute minimum amount of hysteresis (valving lag), chamber pressures (rebound, compression & gas) and gas spring pressures (damper lag). This technique is unique amongst suspension specialists (hence why most companies won’t know what pressure-tuning is), takes several times longer to build a damper (hence why even if the company knows what pressure-tuning is, they won’t spend the time to do it) and can only be done on dampers that use a schrader valve gas charging port (most companies still use self-healing rubber that requires a gas needle). If a damper still uses old-school self-healing rubber, the damper has not been pressure-tuned. For more details on why this is important, please see our Pressure Tuning guide
  • If applicable, every damper pair (left/right) is damper matched on our MTS Roehrig 3VS Shock Dyno to ensure the left/right damping characteristics are within 10% tolerance of each other (typically, the majority of our damper builds are within 5% tolerance). This is important because, unless you are running staggered spring rates, you generally want your left/right damping characteristics to be equal

Assembly & QC:

  • Each and every single component after coming off the manufacturing line is subjected to stringent QC checks on our TESA Micro Hite 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine. Only once it passes our checks will the component be used in assembly of our racing dampers.
  • Each and every individual damper is vacuum-assembled using our Bleed Station to ensure there is no air trapped under the valving or suspended in the oil. If a damper has not been vacuum-assembled and has only been hand-bled (if you’re lucky enough to actually find a company that bleeds their dampers, that is), it is impossible to bleed 100% of the air from the damper, which leads to valving lag. For more details on why this is important, please see our Vacuum Assembly guide
  • As part of our stringent QC testing procedures, each and every individual damper is tested and run-in (10,000 cycles @ variable speeds and side loads) on our in-house Durability Tester. This helps ensure all the seals are sufficiently run-in and performing at optimal before they are installed on your vehicle. A common practice amongst OEM luxury/supercar manufacturers, we are quite possibly the only aftermarket suspension specialist to implement this procedure as standard throughout our specification range. Not surprising, considering this single piece of equipment alone costs a quarter of a million dollars to purchase (to think most companies actually balk at the cost of investing in a Shock Dyno, which costs 15 times less!)
  • For our assembled coilover kits (Reference valving and above), where the chosen fitment matches one of our in-house development cars, we can also do additional QC testing on our in-house shaker rig to ensure optimal damper-spring frequency matching. Like with our durability testing, we are quite possibly the only aftermarket suspension specialist to implement this procedure as standard throughout our specification range (we are well aware that a lot of high-end suspension specialists and professional race teams also have their own in-house shaker rigs, but none of them implement this into their standard QC testing procedures)

Disclaimer: YCW Suspension feel no ill-regards towards any of the mass-market manufacturers and do not look down on their products in any way, shape or form. We understand there is a huge demand for their low cost product, and that they are simply filling a need in the market. It is always the consumers responsibility to do their own due diligence on the quality of the parts that they purchase

Although there are a lot of mass-market (i.e budget) coilovers available, aside from a few aesthetic changes, they are all based on generic designs, generic technology and generic assembly practices introduced over the past 15 years or so. Infact, the top selling mass-market coilovers that are currently on the market are all manufactured from the same technical drawings originating from Taiwan! Colloquially known in Taiwan as the Taichung-gang, the mass-market designs can be traced back to the original company; Taiwan Bor-Chuann (BC Racing). From there, 2 of their engineers left to startup their own companies; D2 Racing and STD (Standard Tuning Design) respectively, from which then spawned a countless number of coilover companies around the world

In this day and age, it is indeed very simple and cost effective to have basic structural components manufactured from aluminium or steel. Provided basic manufacturing standards are adhered to, there is no difference in quality between an aluminium or steel component manufactured in the USA than one manufactured in Taiwan.

Unfortunately, whilst the basic structural components are often of sufficient quality, the nature of mass-market manufacturing often means poor quality service components being used (i.e Wear parts, such as Shims, Oil Seals, Damper Fluid, Bushings and Springs), a lack of proper quality control during damper assembly (the majority of these companies do not have an in-house shock dyno, durability tester nor shaker rig. Most of them have never even heard of vacuum-assembly nor pressure tuning before) and, more importantly, a generic off-the-shelf valving profile that was not tuned for your specific requirements (certain companies may say their products have “custom valving”, but is it really custom if every customer gets the same “custom valving” and is just mass-manufactured for them on an assembly line from one of the Taichung-gang?). Whilst we understand the budget constraints of most consumers, all we suggest is that if you do decide to go down the budget route, please do your due diligence in advance

A simply analogy would be: An off-the-shelf suit vs a custom tailored suit. Whilst the off-the-shelf suit can be good quality (relatively speaking), they will never match a higher quality, custom made tailored suit. Put simply; you get what you pay for

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