Recognising grassroots racers and their thirst for DIY, we make available on our website each and every individual component for those who wish to assemble and/or service their own dampers; unlike our competition, this is something we actively encourage. Our aim with the YCW Suspension website is to offer a full knowledge base for grassroots racers to calculate, build and tune their own dampers to meet their requirements.

With the correct, high-quality components and our specialist tools, no longer is damper building/tuning a “Black Art” reserved for big-budget race teams; basic garage tools and a day getting your hands oily is sufficient enough to build a set of dampers that will outperform all the Taiwanese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese coilover kits currently plaguing the market. In fact, with a little bit of future investment (such as our Bleed Station) and practise, your dampers can outperform the majority of the “big brand” European/US kits as well, and you will never again have to pay another company hundreds of dollars to rebuild your dampers for you when servicing time comes.

Please Note: This section is a work-in-progress, but will be constantly updated with more content and the latest tuning & assembly techniques to help our customers. Although very text-heavy at the moment (good for us old geezers, not so much for millennials), we are working on adding more diagrams as well as making a video-series to explain what we cover in our guides. To view our current [text] guides, please navigate using the sections below

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