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Adjust camber, toe, caster and corner balancing with ease

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Introducing the YCW Suspension Hub Station; designed for grassroots racers that demand a competitive advantage with their chassis setup at an affordable price!

With our multi-axis hub stands, no longer will you need to spend all day trying to dial in your alignment and corner balance settings! Due to our unique integrated design, camber, toe, caster and corner balancing can be done all at once without the need for separate alignment equipment or scales


  • With no wheels blocking the way, you have direct access to your control arms and dampers
  • Variations in tyre size and pressure are no longer of concern
  • Bolted directly to the hub, any changes to your alignment settings are extremely precise and repeatable

Hub Stands

  • Precision machined from Forged 7075-T6 Aluminium and hard anodised, our hub stands are extremely durable and can withstand loads of up to 500kg per stand
  • Fully height-adjustable, our hub stands utilise interchangeable hub plates allowing you to quickly and easily change between different bolt patterns (4×100/108/114.3 and 5×100/114.3/120.7 included as standard)
  • A combination of proprietary vulcanised rubber bushings and Teflon sheets ensure precise multi-axis movement
  • ABS flight case to store & transport the Hub Stands safely

Toe Kit

  • Integrated 4-wheel toe alignment kit allowing you to measure your toe settings without having to use any additional equipment
  • Fixed toe rods slot directly in to the hub plates, ensuring precision, repeatable measurements
  • Fully adjustable aluminium t-slot brackets attach directly to the hub stands (one on either end of the vehicle), allowing measurements for wheels up to 25″ diameter
  • High-precision CNC machined rotating toe rulers with laser markings (12pcs) that slot directly in to the toe rods allow you to accurately measure toe in/out in 0.5mm increments
  • Toe angle can also be measured with the included digital angle ruler
  • Toe measurements can be calibrated to the vehicles hubs (traditional method) or the vehicle centre-line with the included adjustable centre-line rod (more accurate)

Dual-Axis Camber Gauge

  • Mounts directly to the hub stand, ensuring accuracy to within 0.02°
  • Dual-Axis angle sensors allows seamless measurements of both Camber and Caster
  • Backlit LCD screen for easier viewing
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries

Wireless Scales (Hub Station Pro)

  • 4 x 800kg (1760lb) Scale Pads with fully-integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Unlike our competitors, no separate wireless module is required
  • Accuracy to within 0.1% of applied load
  • Each Scale Pad is powered by 4 x AA Batteries
  • 10″ Android tablet with chassis setup software pre-installed. Software app can also be installed on any Android Phone/Tablet
  • ABS flight case to store & transport the Scale Pads safely

Our chassis setup software includes:

  • Weight in kg or lbs
  • Weight/% of each individual axle
  • Weight/% of front/rear axle
  • Weight/% of left/right axle
  • Weight/% of cross axle
  • Add custom chassis setup notes
  • Compare saved setups with real-time data on the same screen
  • Save, Recall and Print functions
  • Share your chassis setup via email or social media
  • Scale Pad battery life display
  • Lifetime free updates


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