Double Digressive Piston


Double Digressive Piston

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Double Digressive Piston for YCW Suspension Racing Dampers


  • 44mm OD Forged 7075-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Double-Digressive Piston
  • Our Double-Digressive Piston is over-engineered for superior strength, with anti-stiction and anti-friction properties
  • At lower shock speeds (Cornering), our Double-Digressive Piston maintains a higher damping force, offering increased responsiveness and stability
  • At higher shock speeds (Bumps), our Double-Digressive Piston maintains a lower damping force, offering increased comfort and control
  • Includes our proprietary Piston Band
  • Fixed preload: For dampers requiring up to 100lbs of compression damping
  • Variable preload: For dampers requiring over 100lbs of compression damping
  • Bleed holes: Static bleed holes pre-drilled in to the piston

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