Testers Required


As we are pro-actively expanding our range of fitments, this is the reason for offering “Test Kits”:

  • Testers will be required to help us diagnose fitment issues (if any)
  • Any subsequent changes/updates required will be provided free-of-charge (install/labour/alignment charges are not included)
  • As compensation for helping us to test vehicle fitments, our coilover kits will be provided at a substantial discount
  • All tester kits are fully assembled kits (with an average 1-2 week lead time).

Please Note: After ordering, a setup questionnaire will be sent to you where you can specify your preferred damping characteristics and spring rates

Fitments: If you do not see your fitment listed, please contact us

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Being a bespoke suspension specialist and not just your typical coilover kit company (i.e a trading company that buys mass-manufactured kits in bulk from Taiwan/China/Korea/Japan at a low cost), at YCW Suspension, we focus primarily on what makes-or-breaks a performance suspension system; the dampers. Or more specifically, not only the valving technology that goes inside them, but also the valving calculations necessary to meet the customers requirements.

Each and every damper that we spec for a customer is custom-valved and tuned specifically for that customer and his/her requirements; these are not just simply your typical coilover kit sitting on a shelf waiting to be sold. Infact, we don’t have a single coilover kit sitting on our shelves collecting dust. Our huge inventory consists solely of the individual components that make up the coilover kit.

Recognising grassroots racers and their thirst for DIY, we also make available on our website each and every individual component for those who wish to service their own dampers; unlike our competition, this is something we actively encourage. Our aim with the YCW Suspension website is to offer a full knowledge base for grassroots racers to calculate, build and tune their own dampers to meet their requirements.

With the correct, high-quality components and our specialist tools, no longer is damper building/tuning a “Black Art” reserved for big-budget race teams; basic garage tools and a day getting your hands oily is sufficient enough to build a set of dampers that will outperform all the Taiwanese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese coilover kits currently plaguing the market. Infact, with a little bit of future investment (such as our Bleed Station) and practise, your dampers can outperform the majority of the “big brand” European/US kits as well, and you will never again have to pay another company hundreds of dollars to rebuild your dampers for you when servicing time comes.

Of course, not everyone wants to get their hands oily, nor have the technical inclination to do so, which is why we also offer fully assembled kits.

To view the full technical specifications of what we have to offer (and what is included with the “Test Kits”), please click on the relevant tabs above (Dampers/Mounts&Perches/Swift Springs/Tuning & Assembly/Servicing/Warranty)

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


  • M52*1.5mm threaded OD Cold-Drawn Japanese SAE 1020 Seamless Carbon Steel Shock Body
    – Offers superior physical properties and strength-to-weight ratio over lesser manufacturing processes
    – Black-Zinc Plated with 250hrs of salt spray testing
    – Proprietary ceramic lapping technology utilised to decrease internal surface friction
  • Forged SAE 4140 Chromoly Steel Piston Rod
    – Monotube shocks, although offering increased performance over Twintube shocks, have an inherent weakness; a load-bearing Piston Rod
    – Our rods offer a substantial increase in tensile strength over lesser-quality rods
  • 44mm OD Forged 7075-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Double-Digressive Piston
    – Our Double-Digressive Piston is over-engineered for superior strength, with anti-stiction and anti-friction properties
    – At lower shock speeds (Cornering), our Double-Digressive Piston maintains a higher damping force, offering increased responsiveness and stability
    – At higher shock speeds (Bumps), our Double-Digressive Piston maintains a lower damping force, offering increased comfort and control
  • Sandvik 20C Carbon Steel Shims
    – Only the finest Swedish Sandvik 20C Carbon Steel Shims are used, which are specifically designed for use in shock absorber valving
    – Offers superior fatigue strength over cheaper spring steel shims which lose their elasticity after only 12 months of normal use
    – Offers superior surface finish and dimensional tolerances, increasing fluid control sensitivity and smoothness
  • Viton Performance O-Rings
    – Upgraded O-Rings offering better performance and durability than lesser-quality O-Rings
  • Nitrogen Pressure Schrader Valve
    – Allows convenient loss-free fine-tuning of Nitrogen Pressure. For more details on why this is important, please see our Pressure Tuning guide
    – Gone are the days of using a Nitrogen Needle + Self-Healing Rubber, which are prone to leaking and, most importantly, makes it virtually impossible to pressure-tune your dampers properly
  • Silkolene RSF 2.5w Damper Oil
    – A proprietary formula providing consistent damping over a wide temperature range and superior anti-stiction/anti-friction properties with the highest Viscosity Index (VI-460) of any damper oil currently on the market. This British lubricant is the best performing damper fluid on the market today, as used standard by both Penske and Ohlins
  • Proprietary aluminium alloy bleed rods to increase creep resistance and reduce thermal expansion
  • Choice of damping adjustments
    – Simultaneous: Simultaneous compression/rebound adjustment
    – 1-Way: Rebound-only adjustment
  • Fully upgradeable: All Simultaneous & 1-Way dampers can be rebuilt/upgraded to 2-Way dampers at a later date

Mounts & Perches

Front Upper Mounts

  • Vulcanized RubberHigh Durometer Rubber Bushings (minimal NVH. Non-Camber Adjustable). For fitments that utilise oem and/or eyelet mounts
  • Spherical (Cushioned) Teflon-Lined Spherical Bearings (Front Camber Adjustable on MacPherson Struts) with cushioned sleeves to reduce NVH. Non-applicable to oem and/or eyelet mounts
  • Includes our Bolt Isolators to reduce NVH. These can be removed if not required
  • Steel Thrust Bearing to decrease coil friction/clunking. Non-applicable to oem and/or eyelet mounts

Rear Upper Mounts

  • The same type of bushing for the Front Upper Mount will be used (where applicable). Non-applicable to oem and/or eyelet mounts
  • Includes our Bolt Isolators to reduce NVH (where applicable). These can be removed if not required
  • Steel Thrust Bearing (where applicable) to decrease coil friction/clunking. Non-applicable to oem and/or eyelet mounts

Spring Perches (Upper & Lower)

  • Teflon Thrust Sheets – These allow the spring to rotate freely from the damper, minimising coil friction/clunking

Swift Springs

  • Springs with intelligence from Tohatsu (Swift)
    – Made in Japan by Tohatsu Spring Company, Swift Springs are made from Cold-Wound Japanese HS5.TW Steel, using proprietary manufacturing processes. These are the #1 Performance Coilover Spring on the market, providing an industry leading +/- 3% deviance from rated load over the entire stroke, and are backed by Swift’s Lifetime Warranty against Spring Sag
    – Not all springs are manufactured the same. Lesser-quality, European & Taiwanese manufactured springs offer inferior performance and durability
    – Choice of 4kgf/mm (226lbs/in) -> 50kgf/mm (2800lbs/in). Available rates dependent on chosen spring length

Tuning & Assembly


  • Aeris Designed for daily drivers and limited track use. Custom valving based on a 1 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) model, utilising your vehicle weight (stock or custom), preferred damping characteristics (steering response and body roll) and natural ride frequencies. Broad adjustment range. Includes basic technical/tuning support


  • AssembledEach and every damper is individually vacuum-assembled, pressured-tuned and damper-matched (if applicable) on our MTS Roehrig 3VS Shock Dyno (dyno graph available upon request). To ensure the dampers meet our stringent quality standards, they are also QC-tested and run-in (10,000 cycles @ variable speeds and side loads) on our in-house Durability Tester. Lead Time – 1-2 weeks


At YCW Suspension, we recommend (but not mandatory) the following servicing schedule for all of our Racing Dampers to ensure they always perform at optimum and as intended:

  • Street Use/Limited Track – Approx. 20,000km
  • Track Use – Every season

All YCW Suspension Racing Dampers are fully serviceable, with Service Parts always in stock and available for purchase either online or from one of our service facilities. With basic garage tools and a couple of specialist tools (also available for purchase), servicing your dampers can easily be done within an afternoon.

For those who would prefer to send in their dampers to be serviced by a YCW technician, servicing is provided at a discounted rate to the Original Purchaser. Otherwise, our standard rebuild service rate of $100 per damper + Parts & Shipping apply

Our rebuild service consists of:

  • Disassembly and inspection of all non-wear parts. If necessary, parts will be replaced (chargeable if not Original Purchaser)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing of all non-wear parts
  • All O-Rings replaced with brand new BUNA & Viton O-Rings regardless of condition
  • Valving is checked for consistency. If necessary, valving will be replaced
  • Damper Fluid replaced with fresh Silkolene RSF 2.5w regardless of condition
  • Damper(s) is tested on our MTS Roehrig 3VS Shock Dyno to check for valving consistency and seal-drag
  • Damper(s) is QC-tested and run-in (10,000 cycles @ variable speeds and side loads) on our in-house Durability Tester


Due to the nature of For Race Use Only products, YCW Suspension will provide a limited 1 year warranty on all coilover kits to be free of defects in materials and workmanship upon receipt of product and time of professional installation. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer/installer to verify the suitability for installation. Parts returned must be determined by YCW Suspension to be defective before any warranty credit or replacement is issued

YCW Suspension obligation under warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, any part proven defective. The customer must prepay transportation charges

Final determination of the suitability of the products for the use contemplated by the buyer is the sole responsibility of the buyer. YCW Suspension shall not be liable for any special, direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, that might be claimed as a result of the failure of any part, including claims for delay, loss of profits, or labour

YCW Suspension shall not be liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from improper installation or misuse of any part subject to this warranty

There are no other warranties expressed or implied extending beyond those set forth above


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