Top Cap Remover


Top Cap Remover


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Introducing the YCW Suspension Top Cap Remover; designed to make removing the damper top cap quick and easy!

Everyone who builds dampers on a regular basis knows how frustrating it can be at times to remove the top cap from the damper body, especially if too much thread locker has been used or, instead of the top cap unthreading, the seal block turns along with it.

With our Top Cap Remover, this issue is a thing of the past, with no more hammering away at the end of a pin-wrench


  • Uniquely designed tool can be used with piston rods up to 20mm OD and 150mm stroke
  • 1/4″ socket attachment on the end of the tool allows you to use a socket wrench or, for those stubborn top caps, an impact wrench to “break” the top cap free of the seal block
  • Includes 4-pin and Hex adaptors
  • Includes spare replacement pins


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