Bleed Station


Manual & automatic damper bleeding system

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Introducing the YCW Suspension Bleed Station; designed to make bleeding dampers more accurate and efficient!


  • CNC machined from billet aluminium
  • Air-tight transparent oil tank can hold up to 2L of oil
  • Manual: Fill and bleed is manually controlled by opening/closing the inlet/outlet valves
  • Automatic: Our Bleed Station will both fill and bleed your damper continuously until you turn it off
  • Includes most common thread adaptors to quickly connect to your oil block/reservoir
  • Includes 14mm and 20mm top-caps to use directly on M52*1.5mm standard threaded damper bodies
  • Includes an end cap holder to prevent the end cap from being sucked up the damper body during the vacuum process (requires an end cap with schrader valve)
  • Available with 1/4″ BSP and 1/4″ NPT quick connect air inlets
  • Available with 110v/60hz and 220v/50hz power options

Why vacuum bleed your dampers?

  • Removes air pockets trapped inside your valving
  • Removes air pockets stuck to the damper wall
  • Helps reduce valving hysteresis
  • Helps ensure consistent valving from damper-to-damper
  • Helps reduce oil wastage to a minimum
  • Vacuum bleeding your dampers typically takes under 5mins per damper vs 20mins+ when manually bleeding

For more details on why properly bleeding your dampers is important, please see our Bleeding guide


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