Frequency & Spring Rates

One of the most common questions that we are asked is "How do I determine what Spring Rate to choose?". Unfortunately, Comfort is a very subjective topic; what may be comfortable for one person, may be too stiff for another. At YCW Suspension, when recommending spring rates, we use a combination of the OEM front/rear ratio and suspension frequency.
  • OEM front/rear ratio
  • - We try to stick as close as possible to the OEM front/rear ratio in order to keep the car balanced and similar to the OEM setup. By deviating from this, you run the risk of created too much Understeer or Oversteer, which is generally a bad thing. When this happens, the customer then ends up chasing their tail and updating other components such as swaybars in order to compensate. Our advice has always been "Don't be the 99%. Be the 1%; do it right first time"
  • Suspension Frequency
  • - Depicting the speed at which the suspension will compress and return to height, or cycles per minute, everyone has their own comfort zone and tolerance to this. In general though, it follows the below:

    - 1.0-1.5hz: Referred to as the Comfort Zone, this is what your typical everyday street/family car will be set at
    - 1.5-2.0hz: Referred to as the Sport Zone, this is what your typical everyday sports car will be set at
    - 2.0-3.0hz: Referred to as the Race Zone, this is what your typical supercar or amateur track car will be set at
    - 3.0hz+: This is what a dedicated race car will be set at and is generally far too stiff to use on the street
To help our customers choose the most suitable spring rate, we've developed a simple calculator that will determine what Suspension Frequency their chosen spring rate will give on their particular vehicle. To use our calculator, simply enter the variables required and click on Calculate Frequency.

Spring Rate:
 KG (Divide by 56 to convert from lbs)

Corner Weight:
 KG (Divide by 2.2 to convert from lbs)

Motion Ratio:
 This will need to be calculated/googled

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